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Its been a while, but its a bit late to say that 1337wear is gone. I am starting a new soon so do not worry, if you care.

 Hey guys! Long time since I made a post here..
Well I would like to update that 1337Wear is not dead, it’s actually making good progress! Well on one design… I also have to not posted the more recent designs here (mainly because I felt they were not worthy).
 I will be fixing up the page, separating different pages, ect. So I will make it so I can post other things and updates without ruining the shirt display. You’ll see how I work it all out in the end. 
 1337Wear has 30+ designs coming up involving parodies, fandoms, gaming, anime, cartoons, and anything I, Andrew, enjoy basically. ALSO, does anybody know if having Missing E removes you from tagged sections? Like if I were to put a tag on something, and you searched the tag, will you be able to see it? My posts haven’t been appearing recently.. 

Planet Sickness - Andrew Nirello
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 The weapon free zone! Where a zombie can be a zombie without worrying about a bullet flying to its brain. A shirt perfect for someone who loves zombies and cheesy jokes just like I do!